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Even minor injuries should be treated seriously, so they don’t progress and worsen into major ones. Patients dealing with something minor, such as muscles strains or sprains, a cold, or a cut that requires stitches, can rely on Joseph Gelinas, ARPN-CNP, and the helpful providers at Grand Lake Healthcare in Grove, Oklahoma. With walk-ins always welcome at the office, there’s never a bad time to come get something checked out. If you’d rather schedule something in advance, call Grand Lake Healthcare or use the online booking tool today.

Minor Emergencies Q & A

What are examples of minor emergencies?

It’s not always easy to know if a minor emergency you’ve experienced needs medical attention. You may want to first try and wait it out at home. However, there are minor emergencies that you may want to get checked out.

The most common minor emergencies the providers at Grand Lake Healthcare deal with are flesh wounds that bleed and require stitches, muscle strains or sprains, and cases of the common cold.

In many cases, minor emergencies can be dealt with at home with rest, fluid intake, wound dressing, over-the-counter pain relievers, and other home remedies. However, if your pain worsens quickly and you’re concerned enough to think you may need medical attention, call the office and speak to the staff.

Staff members at Grand Lake Healthcare can help advise you on home remedies or schedule an appointment for you with one of the practice’s skilled providers.

How are minor emergencies handled?

At Grand Lake Healthcare, the providers first assess your condition, discuss what happened and do everything in their power to comfort you. They take into account any personal preferences you may have as far as treatment goes, and provide compassionate care.

For cases of the cold, your provider may prescribe pain relievers, nasal decongestants, or certain cough syrups that help speed up your recovery. With muscle strains and sprains, you’ll need plenty of rest and pain medication to bring down swelling.

If you’ve been injured, wounds can be stitched up easily and quickly at the office. After you’ve received stitches, your provider will counsel you on how to care for them and will monitor your recovery by staying in touch with you and scheduling a follow-up appointment.

Does the office see walk-ins for minor emergencies?

Yes. At Grand Lake Healthcare, the staff is very accommodating. If you need to see a medical professional quickly, you’re encouraged to come in for a walk-in appointment. Minor emergencies happen and the providers at the Grove, Oklahoma, office keep openings in their daily schedules to make sure they have the bandwidth to see you as quickly as possible.

If you’ve had a minor emergency, call the Grand Lake Healthcare office or simply come in for a walk-in appointment to see one of the practice’s providers.